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Whole Grains vs Refined Grains – What is the Difference?

Grains are divided into 2 subgroups: whole grains and refined grains. Do you know the difference between the two?

  • Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel- the bran, germ, and endosperm.
  • Refined grains have been milled, a process that removes the bran and germ, leaving behind the endosperm.

Refined grains have a finer texture and improve their shelf life, but it also removes dietary fiber, iron, and many B vitamins. To boost your fiber and vitamin intake when enjoying your favorite carbohydrates, try swapping regular pastas, bread, and crackers for the whole grain alternative.

With that said – how can we be sure if a product is actually a whole grain?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell what kind of grains a product has, especially bread. If bread is brown in color, this doesn’t necessarily mean its whole wheat! The brown hue may come from added coloring. It is important to check the product label or the Nutrition Facts panel if you are not sure if a product has whole grains or not. An easy way to make sure you’re getting whole grains is to look for the 100% Whole Grain stamp. Since not all food packagers participate in the stamp program, look for the phrase 100% whole grain or for the word “whole” on the package. Also, make sure whole grains appears among the first few items in the ingredient list.

What are your favorite whole grains? And how do you like to enjoy them?

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  • March 4, 2021



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“Many, and I do mean many, thanks for a great Parents Weekend.  I heard from so many happy parents and you all work very hard to make it happen.  In gratitude and kindness…”

Liz Funk
P’12 Director of Alumni and Parent Programs, The Forman School

“Just came back to campus after a year of pandemic [and] just want to say that I can really tell the effort that both dining halls and all of the other locations are really putting in to make us students still feel like there is more than enough food available, good food, fresh food, healthy food. I don’t think students are aware that there is such a food shortage/worker shortage and that what goes on behind the scenes must be a logistical nightmare. But I recognize it at least 🙂 the staff was been so friendly and kind, even in the very rare occasion when something took longer than expected I could tell they were trying their absolute hardest to provide it fast and with great quality. Great job to all of them, this one student greatly appreciates the effort you all do. -Student, Stony Brook University”

Stony Brook University

“We can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into getting this emergency shipment of water to our Waco, Tx office. As always, you guys pulled out all the stops and did everything possible to help! I know it doesn’t seem like much to you, but our employees in TX that need drinking water are truly grateful. I feel so fortunate to work with such true professionals. I think you set the bar that your competition wishes they could match!”

Don O’Halloran
Manager – Office Services, Wiley

“We want to take a moment to celebrate all the employees who worked on the front lines during unprecedented times. Your efforts and dedication to going above and beyond are noticed and appreciated. Thank you for being the heart and soul of CulinArt Group. We couldn’t do this without you. Chef Jay and Chef Paul have been so awesome in the Hubbell Café.  There has been significant change, but they take it in stride and keep the delicious food coming.  We truly appreciate them!”

Carol S. Blake
Category Manager – Indirect, Hubbell Incorporated

“Thank You! Chef Budd [and team], you overcame a new online ordering system (and hundreds of labels daily!), provided creative and healthy menus, continued to connect with local farmers to incorporate locally sourced ingredients, and worked tirelessly to serve the school community on three campuses.  While it feels like you are all a little like the Wizard of Oz right now, working behind a curtain in a kitchen far away, we sense your smiles and your passion to deliver the best possible service during these trying times. We are all so grateful!”

Karen Tracy
Director of Communications, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

“The food offerings provided by CulinArt are of the highest quality and enjoyed by our students, faculty, and staff.  The CulinArt team understands the importance of providing healthy options that taste good and are appealing to students.  We also appreciate that the team listens to feedback from our community and makes adjustments as needed.”

Bethany Neumann
Chief Financial Officer, Washington International School

“I wanted to recognize the individuals at the Valley Forge Site Café who have been supporting us throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.  I have been onsite at least a few days every week since June 2020 and I noticed that the team continued to provide quality and timely service for breakfast and lunch.  They effectively packaged the food to maintain CDC guidelines. Thank you!  ”

Michael J. Cunningham
ASQ-CMQ/OE, Lockheed Martin Space Quality

“What a wonderful dinner we had tonight for our international families. The food was delicious and well presented as well.”

Jennifer Taylor
Trinity Pawling School

“I just wanted to touch base as another school year draws to end. I cannot thank you enough for how smoothly this year went. Chef Felix [Herrera] and his staff made it seamless in a year with lots of wrinkles.    ”

Mary Larkin
Head of School, St. Ignatius Loyola School

“Thank you and your staff for all the care and thought you give CSW adults and students. You approach events with such care and elegance- I don’t know how you do it! Especially day after day. Please thank all your staff for their wonderful work and kind manner with all of us. Here is to a great year!”

Lise Charlier
Head of School, The Cambridge School of Weston

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