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In previous article, we have introduced the Top 10 Manufacturers of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) .  These companies are Orbotech, Camtek, SAKI, Viscom, Omron, Nordson, ZhenHuaXing, Screen, AOI Systems Ltd, and Mirtec.  But, many customers we are interesting to know what is the price of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)  system in the market. Here, we will give a simple analytics of price AOI come from main manufactures.

1. Key Factors Affect AOI Price in the Market

AOI price in the quotation can be calculated from following equation for most AOI manufacturers :

AOI Price=(Hardware and Software cost + Cost in custom service)*(1+profit rate )

  • Hardware and software cost  Hardware of automated optical inspection system consist of recognition System, mechanism system, controller system, manufacture cost and so on. Software system consist of operation system and the software for  inspection process and analytics. Different choice on hardware and software will affect the price of automated optical inspection.
  • Cost in custom service Some times client will ask for some special service after sold, such as expand warranty period to more than 3 years, or need local training. The cost in these service will be a part of AOI price.
  • Profit Rate  Profit is the most important thing for each company. Automated optical inspection manufacturers will have different profit rate for different AOI models.  Commonly, new model, advance model and custom model would have high profit rate, while older model, standard model would have relatively lower profit rate.

2.Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine Price by manufacturers

The detail price of Automated Optical Inspection system in each manufacturers is effected by many factors, such as your requirement, the demand in the market, machine type. Thus, there are no accurate price for AOI from main manufacturers. But we still can give some price range for main manufacturers. This price range come from public information

  • Orbotech   New Orbotech AOI machine  50,000 USD – 200,000USD. The Used Orbotech Symbion P36 Plus is  43 400 USD.
  • Camtek      New AOI Machine   50,000 USD-200,000 USD
  • SAKI  New AOI Machine   40,000 USD-300,000 USD
  • Viscom
  • Omron
  • Nordson
  • ZhenHuaXing  New VCTA AOI Machine   25,000 USD-100,000 USD
  • Screen
  • AOI Systems Ltd
  • Mirtec   

P.S. For most AOI Manufactures, if you order more than one set AOI,  You will get addtional discount.

3. Price by Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine Type

  • In-line AOI system price > Off-line AOI system price
  • Double-side check AOI system > Single-side check AOI system
  • Z axis movable AOI> Z axis fixed AOI
  • 3D AOI> 2D AOI

4. AOI Price in Difference Countries

Recently, in-line AOI systems are available at price about  €70,000 in Europe – where AOI volumes are low and support requirements are high. Prices drop as low as $30,000-50,000 in China – the best price in global markets. Many vendors have recently begun to provide desk-top models and offline model,  in addition to inline AOI, in the hopes of capturing more market share.

Zhenhuaxing is one of biggest AOI manufacturers in China. ZhenHuaXing’s provide best price but high quality AOI system for client all over the world. The price of AOI from Japan and Korea are a litter higher than that from China, if they have similar performance. To our knowledge, the AOI from Europe and North America are very expensive.


The proc of AOI depend on many factors, such as hardware and software, service you need, manufacturers, AOI type, regions and so on. We have shown the price range of AOI system from many manufacturers. If you need more accurate price of AOI you need, please quote from manufacturers directly.

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