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Phytosanitary Certificates for Cannabis and Hemp Seeds

If you intend to legally import cannabis seeds it’s essential to have the correct phytosanitary certificates. Arranging for the inspections, tests required before they can be issued can be a challenge if you’ve no experience of the process. At CannaEx Trades we can arrange it all for you, our expert team will liaise with the labs and licensing authority to get your seeds authorised with minimal hassle.

What is a Phytosanitary Certificate?

A phytosanitary certificate is a legal document that demonstrates that any shipment of plant products meets the phytosanitary import standards of the country they’re being exported to. They can only be issued by a public officer of the National Plant Protection Organization of the exporting country (the Animal and Plant Health Agency in the UK).

These certificates are necessary to show that:

  • The seeds have been properly inspected.
  • The seeds are free from pests and disease.
  • The seeds meet the plant health requirements of the destination country.

When are Phytosanitary Certificates Required?

A phytosanitary certificate is required whenever you want to transport cannabis or hemp seeds from one country to another. They must be completed and issued by the relevant authority in the country you are transporting the seeds from. The complete certificate must be checked and accepted by the customs authority in the destination country.

When exporting seeds from the UK and importing them to another country, phytosanitary certificates will always be required. This includes EU member states, the US and Canada.


Once you’ve selected your seeds you will receive an itemised quote which you can use to obtain the necessary import permit. When you have your import permit the phytosanitary certification process can begin:

1. The seeds will be received from the breeder.

2. You will then need to send us your import permit issued in your country. This permit will let the lab know which tests need to be conducted for legal import into the destination country.

3. We will contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and send them a copy of the import permit and details of your order.

4. APHA will visit our premises to conduct an inspection and to check that the seeds match the information we’ve provided. They will then send the seeds to Fera Science for analysis.

5. Fera will test for the diseases/viruses listed on your import permit. Once the seeds have passed the tests they will be returned to us and APHA will issue the Phytosanitary Certificate.

6. The order will then be prepared with all the necessary paperwork to make sure it goes through Customs Control without any issues.

The testing process takes approximately 7 working days.

  • CannaEx Trades (Sensible Gifts Ltd) is registered with DEFRA as a professional operator.
  • We contact the APHA for you.
  • Flat rate for lab testing per strain.
  • Fast testing and speedy delivery.
  • Support for every stage of export to import.
  • We will check your paperwork to ensure successful delivery.
  • We have other industry partners and can support you from seed to sale.

I have worked with Paul Delorde for some years now in my role as Managing Director at Resin Seeds. When I 1st called him up out of the blue, he had no reason to offer me any assistance; but he took the time to listen to my proposal and offer me his help in getting my project pushed forward. Without Pauls help, my company would not be able to achieve the growth we have had in the last few years. His knowledge of international logistics, lab testing, and current trends in the cannabis marketplace have aided me tremendously.

 — Jaime Carrion ( Resin Seeds )

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Nếu có bắt kỳ câu hỏi thắc mắt nào vê phytosanitary certificate là gì hãy cho chúng mình biết nhé, mõi thắt mắt hay góp ý của các bạn sẽ giúp mình cải thiện hơn trong các bài sau nhé <3 Bài viết phytosanitary certificate là gì ! được mình và team xem xét cũng như tổng hợp từ nhiều nguồn. Nếu thấy bài viết phytosanitary certificate là gì Cực hay ! Hay thì hãy ủng hộ team Like hoặc share. Nếu thấy bài viết phytosanitary certificate là gì rât hay ! chưa hay, hoặc cần bổ sung. Bạn góp ý giúp mình nhé!!

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Các hình ảnh về phytosanitary certificate là gì đang được chúng mình Cập nhập. Nếu các bạn mong muốn đóng góp, Hãy gửi mail về hộp thư [email protected] Nếu có bất kỳ đóng góp hay liên hệ. Hãy Mail ngay cho tụi mình nhé

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