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Intermodal transport refers to the use of at least two different modes of transport during one door-to-door journey. The level of integration in terms of ownership, operation or usability is an important aspect of intermodality. Improving intermodal transport requires the development of seamless integrated transport chains.


By Hannah Figg / Updated: 14 Jul 2022

Submitted by Hannah Figg on 14 Jul 2022

As Urban Mobility Days fast approaches, we are delighted to share a preview of what we have in store for the first day of the programme.


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By SUMP-PLUS / Updated: 01 Jul 2022

About this workshop

This online workshop focuses on Antwerp’s experiences of intensifying its cross-boundary partnerships with mobility providers (Marketplace) and employers in order to deliver attractive, convenient and safe intermodal travel options running from the commuter belt into the city.

Interested in sharing your experiences?

If any cities have experiences to share on this topic, you would be welcome to make a presentation. Please inform us through the specific question on presentations in the registration form.

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By Florinda Boschetti / Updated: 21 Jun 2022

Over 30 demonstrations with start-ups in Energy & Public Realm are waiting for you at Future City Tech 2022 conference on 23-24 June 2022  in the City of Říčany (Czech Republic). This conference will bring together representatives from cities and mobility/transportation/technology industries in a wide range of sessions, workshops and outdoor exhibition.

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By Jane Tewson / Updated: 05 May 2022

Join the next “Multimodal Urban Day” on Thursday 19 May 2022 CET in Paris hosted by HAROPA Ports at Port de Grenelle to hear about the Smart Track for Waterway (ST4W) project.

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By Jane Tewson / Updated: 14 Jul 2022

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 02 Mar 2022

The CIVITAS project LEAD workshop Futureshop: Hyperconnected city is on 3 March 2022 and is connected to the Living Lab activities in the The Hague. 

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By Claus Köllinger / Updated: 21 Feb 2022

Submitted by Claus Köllinger on 21 Feb 2022

BKK, the public transport provider of the Hungarian capital Budapest, has launched a new mobility app, which brings together various public transport-related services into one dedicated application.


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By Jane Tewson / Updated: 26 Jan 2022

Neighbourhoods are particularly important in mobility transitions because the every-day paths of most people begin and end in a residential area. To encourage residents to become more sustainable, a diverse and differentiated local transport infrastructure is crucial, as is the acceptance of alternatives to local car use. Both contribute to multimodal transport behaviour and thus to more sustainable mobility.

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By Conall Martin / Updated: 22 Dec 2021

Submitted by Conall Martin on 14 Jan 2022

Brussels plans to pay people to get rid of their cars as part of a revamped sustainability initiative.


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By Jane Tewson / Updated: 20 Dec 2021

Hosted by the London Borough of Croydon, the 2nd annual summit Liveable neighbourhoods 2022 on 17 February 2022 will showcase the best examples of political leadership, policy, projects and programmes that are delivering Liveable Neighbourhoods. 

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Các câu hỏi về intermodality là gì

Nếu có bắt kỳ câu hỏi thắc mắt nào vê intermodality là gì hãy cho chúng mình biết nhé, mõi thắt mắt hay góp ý của các bạn sẽ giúp mình cải thiện hơn trong các bài sau nhé <3 Bài viết intermodality là gì ! được mình và team xem xét cũng như tổng hợp từ nhiều nguồn. Nếu thấy bài viết intermodality là gì Cực hay ! Hay thì hãy ủng hộ team Like hoặc share. Nếu thấy bài viết intermodality là gì rât hay ! chưa hay, hoặc cần bổ sung. Bạn góp ý giúp mình nhé!!

Các Hình Ảnh Về intermodality là gì

Các hình ảnh về intermodality là gì đang được chúng mình Cập nhập. Nếu các bạn mong muốn đóng góp, Hãy gửi mail về hộp thư [email protected] Nếu có bất kỳ đóng góp hay liên hệ. Hãy Mail ngay cho tụi mình nhé

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