HDVR-435 – H.265 Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

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Efficient Solution for All Video Formats

PLANET HDVR-435 is a H.265 Hybrid DVR Recorder which is able to record video and data from traditional AHD (analog high definition), HD-CVI (high definition composite video interface), HD-TVI (high definition transport video interface) and Network IP security cameras. The advantage of a hybrid DVR recorder is that it lets you use currently installed analog security equipment along with newer network IP technology. This enables you to upgrade your surveillance system to IP equipment at your own pace, according to your budget. 

The HDVR-435 4-channel embedded system is equipped with HDMI/VGA local display and features recording, live view, playback and backup functions, etc. With the easy-to-remember DDNS feature, the HDVR can be placed either in LAN or WAN for easy installation. Besides, designed for various surveillance applications via RS485 interface, the HDVR is capable of controlling most types of protocols. For the purpose of general monitoring, the HDVR-435 offers app viewer, Web browser and CMS (central management software) for multi-platform remote access, thus making it an ideal solution for various applications, such as retail stores, communities, SMBs, supermarkets, restaurants and schools.


Bandwidth Saving

With H.265 compression technology, the HDVR-435 offers over 30% more of recording capacity than systems employing H.264 compression. This advance gives users larger storage space for longer durations of video recording.

Hybrid Integration

The HDVR-435 allows each of its 4 channels to be connected to either an analog camera or an IP camera. If you already have analog cameras and want to add on a few IP cameras, the HDVR-435 is definitely your ideal choice. In addition, as the HDVR complies with ONVIF, it is interoperable with any third-party IP cameras, thus omitting compatibility issue and allowing you to add more cameras. 

High Resolution Local Display

The HDVR-435 provides HDMI and VGA video output interfaces for dual local displays, which can be connected to HDMI monitor or VGA monitor for live view monitoring with a maximum video output of 1920 x 1080 resolutions. Due to local display, it can eliminate the need for a separate PC to view video from the unit. Besides, it also can be operated with the USB mouse to configure and monitor all the system easily.

Real-time Remote Monitoring

Video from the HDVR system can be accessed with Web browsers and mobile devices. With remote monitoring, you can view live and recorded video, allowing for easier monitoring of your video deployments, and the ability to react quickly to alarms and events.  

Central Management System (CMS)

Not just for small-scale applications such as retail stores and SMBs, the HDVR system is expandable for multi-site management with the bundled CMS software. The CMS software is able to manage up to 64 channels of cameras simultaneously. With user-friendly graphic interface, users can control any cameras or HDVRs easily and make a quick response when an event is triggered. With CMS support, users are able to make surveillance more efficient. 


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