Differences Between Rapid Test, Swab Test, and PCR

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Differences Between Rapid Test, Swab Test, and PCR

There are many questions about what a rapid test, swab and PCR are and how they are different. All three are terms related to the diagnosis of Covid-19. Equipping yourself with knowledge about these three things is important in this pandemic.

Definition of Rapid Test, Swab, and PCR
Medical personnel may already know what rapid tests, swabs, and PCR are. But not so with the common people. Rapid test, swab, and PCR are terms used in medical examination methods to detect Covid-19 in a person’s body.

The doctor confirmed the diagnosis of Covid-19 after carrying out this examination. However, swab and PCR are actually related, in contrast to the rapid test. Here is the explanation:

What is a Rapid test
The mass media has provided many explanations about what a rapid test is after the first case of Covid-19 was announced. Rapid test is a method of checking / testing results quickly. This examination uses a cartridge device to see the presence of antibodies in the body when there is a viral infection. This test is performed in order to screen patients under surveillance (PDP) and people under surveillance (ODP) by taking a blood sample from a capillary (finger) or from a vein.

Currently, there are rapid tests for detection of the SARS co-2 virus that can detect antibodies and some can detect antigens. However, many laboratories have not yet done so. Rapid tests that detect antibodies cannot detect the first time you are sick, because they may not have formed antibodies or the antibody levels are still low.

So if the test results are non-reactive, they must be repeated on 7-14 days later to confirm whether the person concerned really does not contain the virus in his body. Especially if there is a history of exposure to the SARS co-2 virus in question.

Examination Swab Test – PCR
Swab and PCR are inseparable test methods to diagnose Covid-19. Swab is a way to obtain examination material (sample). Swab is done on the nasopharynx and / or oropharynx. This collection is done by rubbing the nasopharyngeal cavity and / or oropharynx using a tool such as a special cotton swab.

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. PCR is a method of examining the SARS Co-2 virus by detecting viral DNA. This test will get results whether a person is positive or not SARS Co-2.

Compared to the rapid test, the RT-PCR examination is more accurate. This method is also recommended by WHO for detecting Covid-19. However, this accuracy is accompanied by process complexity and higher equipment prices. In addition, the process to find out the results is longer than the rapid test.

Các câu hỏi về swab test là gì

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Các Hình Ảnh Về swab test là gì

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