Bài viết concede thuộc chủ đề về Giải Đáp thời gian này đang được rất nhiều bạn quan tâm đúng không nào !! Hôm nay, Hãy cùng tìm hiểu concede trong bài viết hôm nay nhé ! Các bạn đang xem nội dung về : “concede”
He had plenty of critics on that score and conceded that “by some yardstick measurements,” they were right.

From Washington Post

Both sides alsoconcedethat heightened player health and safety issues have been a contributing factor to a diminished product.


About people who believe this, he says “it’s their problem,” but he doesn’tconcedethat it might be his fault.

From Slate Magazine

Until that spot was hit, opponents continued to respawn, giving no indication they were ready toconcedethe battle.

From CNN

Though the signatures will almost certainly be challenged in court, supporters of the new law conceded that the referendum is likely.

From Baltimore Sun

A floor manager, with experience at multiple logistics firms, conceded to this source that the industry standard was only about 150.

From International Business Times

That’s a never-ending battle in the pros, and five yards is too valuable toconcede.


He conceded that the whole ordeal could have been avoided had his teen-aged son not called the police.

From Ars Technica

Anyone who’s raised chickens will surelyconcedethat it is more efficient to buy eggs at the store.

From The Denver Post

Should they militantly reaffirm their antistatist convictions or reluctantlyconcedethat, like it or not, “big government” is here to stay?


Now, even company officialsconcedethey have no clue if they’ll ever build a store along the polluted waterway.

From New York Daily News

We haven’t conceded tons of chances, but the ones we have, we have been getting punished on throughout the season.

From The Seattle Times

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Nếu có bắt kỳ câu hỏi thắc mắt nào vê concede là gì hãy cho chúng mình biết nhé, mõi thắt mắt hay góp ý của các bạn sẽ giúp mình cải thiện hơn trong các bài sau nhé <3 Bài viết concede là gì ! được mình và team xem xét cũng như tổng hợp từ nhiều nguồn. Nếu thấy bài viết concede là gì Cực hay ! Hay thì hãy ủng hộ team Like hoặc share. Nếu thấy bài viết concede là gì rât hay ! chưa hay, hoặc cần bổ sung. Bạn góp ý giúp mình nhé!!

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Các hình ảnh về concede là gì đang được chúng mình Cập nhập. Nếu các bạn mong muốn đóng góp, Hãy gửi mail về hộp thư [email protected] Nếu có bất kỳ đóng góp hay liên hệ. Hãy Mail ngay cho tụi mình nhé

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