Beacon® Rail Dock Plates and Rail Dock Boards

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By Susan Lee Smith · December 4, 2017

The mobile Beacon® Rail Dock Plates and Rail Boards are made for each rail loading dock location for portability with a function to allow loading and unloading rail box cars, refrigerated rail cars, special lumber and paper industry rail cars.  Increasing work efficiency, the unit is safely and easily positioned by the forklift to bridge the gap between the loading dock and rail car bed.  Standard forklift loops are utilized to allow the forklift to pick up the unit for positioning at the dock or store when not in use.  Side locking rings drop down to fill the space between the rail car and dock to secure the unit into position.

Manufactured of heavy duty welded steel construction to meet each dock condition specifications.  Work sheet will be supplied by Beacon and required to be filled out by customer for Beacon to quote each specific location. Each model comes in a variety of widths ranging from 60” to 100” and lengths ranging from 36” to 96”. The units are available with service capacities of 15,000, 22,000, 40,000 or 60,000 lbs.

Most common standard rail car bed heights are 41” to 46”, preferred dock height is 44”. The older rail car bed height is 41”. Refrigerated rail car heights vary from 46” to 52”, preferred dock height is 49”. Optional Sub frames are available to bolt Rail Dock Plate to low docks.

The Beacon® brand was established in 1949 which includes many US Patents, one of many include, US Patent 2,709,410, named: Mobile Loading Boards For Railway Platforms and the Like.  Beacon has a wide range of experience in rail dock levelers, rail dock plates and rail dock boards.  Special sizes and capacities are also available upon request to meet your rail way loading applications

Many companies and governments rely on Beacon ® for rail car loading dock leveler equipment and applications. The paper industry is known in the rail dock leveler industry to require one of the highest level strength of rail dock equipment.  As an example Beacon® was requested and continues to supply one of the leading worldwide paper companies with its rail loading dock equipment. This company operates in more than 24 countries specializing in paper, pulp and packaging and recyclable products that people utilize every day, Event ID: BE-10907. Rail Dock Boards and Rail Dock Plates are a component of the rail loading dock and rail car shipping industry.

Beacon Industries, Inc.
12300 Old Tesson Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63128
Tel: 1 (314) 487-7600
1 (800) 454-7159
Fax: 1 (314) 487-0100

December 1, 2017

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